EPSON File Manager

EPSON File Manager

Epson filemanager a wonderful software which manages your photos
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License type: Freeware

Epson Filemanager is software that comes along with the cd when any epson photo application device is purchased. It is a software which helps to do various activities with the photos. Photos can be uploaded from a scanner or a camera or any photo capturing device. Using the main program, EPSON File Manager, you can scan and save your images, and then display them in an easy-to-use window. From there you can print them, upload them to EPSON's photo-sharing web site, drag them to a document, attach them to an e-mail message, or open them in an image-editing program.
It is used to retrieve images from a digital camera or memory card and send the files directly to the application you want to use and to view supported images as thumbnails or view the various applications you can use as project icons in the launch area or sign an application to the B&W Start or Color Start button on your product or even Search for images on your hard disk along with View images as a slideshow and last but not least Retouch images.

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  • Number of options for photos
  • Images can be edited
  • Images can be even sent to fax


  • Though the options are more still not up to the mark
  • Images which are to be merged cannot be done
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